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Protecting your privacy
At Zappingfly.com we are committed to the protection of your personal information while you are on our site. We don’t want to collect any personal or sensitive information about you. What is personal or sensitive info? That’s basically information or opinions about your health, political affiliations, sexual preferences, religious beliefs, racial or ethnic origin or other such private information.


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Our business is essentially a search engine for Flights, Hotels, Rentalcars, Cruise and Ferry. As such we present content and actively engage with trusted third party companies, who in turn, can present dynamic content to our users. Some of our trusted third party business partners use cookies to track when a click becomes a sale. Others use it to serve specific and targeted content. To learn more about the choices you have with this content please visit youronlinechoices.eu and aboutads.info/choices.

Other Websites

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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Zappingfly, www.zappingfly.com (“the Site”). 
The Site is a travel meta-search website. 
Our mission is to make it easy for you to find cheap flights, 
hotels, cruise and ferry.

Your use of the Site is subject to these Conditions of use. Please read them carefully before using the Site. By using the Site you stipulate that you agree with these Terms & Conditions.

Personal non-commercial use limitation
This Site is free for your personal and non-commercial use. You may copy or print the information as presented on this Site for your private use but for no other purposes. You may not use any automatic methods to access the information on the Site. Zappingfly does not sell but just compare prices.

Connecting flights
It is up to you to create connections by purchasing the required flights individually. If you decide to use a flight connection found by this Site it is your responsibility to ensure that the transit time at the connection airport is long enough. You must ensure there will be enough time to get off the airplane, pick up your luggage, and check in with your next airline. Note that the Site may sometimes find flight connections that work in theory but are impossible in reality. Arriving flights can be delayed and departing flights can depart before scheduled take-off. International flights close check-in gates earlier than local flights. Security measures, strikes and congestion can affect your transit time. Zappingfly is not responsible if connecting flights do not work out as planned.

Limitation of Warranty

Zappingfly maintains the Site and its contents on as-is basis and as available. Zappingfly does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the Site’s content. Zappingfly is not responsible for any financial loss or loss of any kind that you or others may suffer as a consequence of using the Site. The Site may link to other websites but Zappingfly is not responsible for the content of those web sites.

Changes to Terms & Conditions
Zappingfly  reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions. Registered users will be notified of any material changes.

User’s responsibility
You take full responsibility for your use of this Site. Zappingfly reserves the right to refuse or limit your access to this Site.

Questions or comments

If you have any questions or comments about these Terms & Conditions or other matters concerning the Site please e-mail: office@zappingfly.com